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We take your digital security seriously. All digital giving is safe and secure. Give online by clicking the button below.
P. S. - The online giving portal you will be directed to will say “Sloan’s Lake Church.” That is the correct giving portal. We are in the process of a legal name change with the Secretary of State... and that will take some time.



You can give during service by placing your offering in one of our giving and response stations at the front or back of the sanctuary.



Make a lasting impact beyond your life by adding Altitude Church to your will and estate plannig. Contact for more information, or to donate no-cash options.

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Follow Jesus

Every one of us lives with something at the center of our life. This thing, whatever or whoever it is, defines us. It shapes our choices. It defines us. We are convinced that only Jesus is big enough and loving enough to be the center of our lives. Jesus is the only true and lasting source of hope and joy. If you’re ready to accept Jesus as your Savior and take your Next Step with Him in baptism, e-mail us.

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Life isn’t all about us. God designed our hearts to come alive when we serve others. Moving your relationship with Jesus from your head to your hands will transform your life. We would love to partner with you to find a place in the church and/or in our community where you can unleash the passions God has placed in your heart and serve regularly. If you’re ready to discover the joy of serving, e-mail

Ways to serve

Join a Life Group

Attending weekly worship is vital to our discipleship growth; however, meeting with God for one hour a week is simply not enough to develop a Jesus-Centered life. Life Groups have the potential to be the most transformational environment you can engage in your week. In your relational Life Group, you’ll dig into the Scripture taught on the weekend to wrestle with it personally and share your thoughts and doubts with others. To find a Life Group that works for you, click here.

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Let God’s Story Invade and Reshape Your Story

Every story matters. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. You have a story to share. Your story matters. Your story is what God will use to change someone else’s story. But, our stories aren’t just about us. They are the stories that God is telling, and it is up to us to find our place in His story. We do this by reading from His story (The Bible) regularly. Not sure how to read the Bible? We’re here to help, check out this resource on how God’s story can invade and reshape your story.


Live Generously

Our God is unreasonably generous. He is unreasonably forgiving, unreasonably loving, and He takes care of each of us in unreasonable generosity. As those called to become more like Him every day, we grow powerfully when generosity is a part of our DNA. The ministries of the Church and the work we do in the community are all supported through your generosity. You can find out more about giving here.