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Pastor Lee Brown

Mar 14, 2021

Prior to Pentecost, The Holy Spirit of God had not yet come into the l ives of Jesus’ followers. As Jesus is preparing to depart, He promises that this “comforter” will come alongside them and help to guide them into truth, reveal God’s heart for them, and even communicate back to God the longings of their hearts that are too deep even for words. Jesus also promised that this “helper” would give us spiritual power to overcome temptation, see the devil flee, and that anything we ask God for that lines up with His character and purpose, He would do! Though our hearts are so easily troubled, there is One called alongside to help. The Spirit of God comes alongside us, and as we recognize The Spirit’s role in our lives... our hearts find comfort, strength, and the power to overcome the struggles we face. In fact, Jesus tells us that when we move with the Spirit... we will do even greater works than we could possibly imagine. If only we would unbridle the Spirit in our lives. This is the way To follow along with our series download our Impact Guide at: Thanks for engaging with us today at Altitude Online. To learn more of the ministry of Altitude visit: To give to the ministries of Altitude visit: #hopeliveshere​​

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