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The Renewed life

Pastor Steve Rennick

Nov 22, 2020

For a lot of us, in our up bringing or through the experiences life has taken us through, we've been trained to hide our feelings - to buck up and get on with it - even though we have pain. Have you been trying to suppress feelings of pain or doubt or sadness this year going through all the changes and uncertainty 2020 has had? In our series "Jesus, The New Normal" we've been going through the story of Lazarus and the miracle Jesus performed by raising him from the dead. But before Jesus brought life back into the body of Lazarus did you know he felt sadness and pain for the loss of life of his friend? That he wept too with Mary and Martha, and all the people gathered around the tomb... Yes even Jesus felt deep feelings of grief and he embraced the feelings and let them surface. Maybe today is the day we let ourselves feel deep feelings and ask God the good questions we have. Today we invite Pastor Steve Rennick, our Colorado State Pastor, to the stage to bring the series full circle If you're looking to know more about Altitude Church and our vision we encourage you to watch our recent series - Uncharted Remastered - Or to visit our website - If you'd like to donate the mission and ministry of our church please visit Leave a comment today about how this message spoke to you. We love to hear from our community and continue the conversation as we grow together in faith and in mission!

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