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If You Washed the Feet of Your Enemies, So Will I

Pastor Lee Brown

Mar 28, 2021

Looking at the events of John 13, does it shock you that Jesus washed Judas’s feet? Knowing that John (the author) consistently uses the thematic thread of light and darkness throughout his writing, what is the significance of John 13:30​ and how does it inform the events of this text? How did Jesus model His “Golden Rule” (Luke 6:27​–36) by washing Judas’ feet? Being as honest as you are willing, is there anyone that you currently consider an enemy? What would it look like to “Wash this person’s feet?” How would that change your attitude towards and dealings with them? How can we begin to shift our attitude to better resonate with the idea that if Jesus washed the feet of His enemies... “So will I.” Thanks for joining us on Altitude Online. Join us every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. MST for our weekly worship. If you'd like to know more about the mission and ministry of Altitude Church visit You can donate anytime to our ministries online at We're glad you're here! #hopeliveshere​

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