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Jesus – The Original Truth

Gabe Hernandez

Nov 08, 2020

The year 2020 has been everything but #normal. Our lives have been turned upside down in many ways by health issues, financial concerns, social injustice, as well as our personal lives. Our jobs, schools, and how we spend our free time has all been impacted greatly. In these times, people are looking for something to hold onto that is stable and secure. Something that will give them hope in a wold that is in chaos and is uncertain. The abundant life is not without difficulties... but, it is a life of joy and peace through the hardships and the suffering that we might experience in this life. Jesus provides us an opportunity to live and share a new and different way of life that shines the light of truth into a confused world. Jesus is the answer to the difficulties we face as we learn to trust Him. The #newnormal for our lives does not have to be chaos and uncertainty... it can be a renewed life in Jesus! What if we truly believed in Jesus? What if we truly believed he IS the original truth? What if we lived out this truth that it became infectious... and took hold of the world around us? That's what Pastor Gabe is going to lead us through today. If you're looking to know more about Altitude Church and our vision we encourage you to watch our recent series - Uncharted Remastered - Or to visit our website - If you'd like to donate the mission and ministry of our church please visit Leave a comment today about how this message spoke to you. We love to hear from our community and continue the conversation as we grow together in faith and in mission!

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